Our Play Design Process

Please see below the standard process that we aim to progress your project through. No one project is ever truly the same and as an independant design resource we tailor our process to ensure that your needs and those of your project are always met.


An overview of your project and to acertain your vision for your play centre. We wil discuss some of the options available and concepts/features that may enhance your visions. From this enquiry we will be able to provide you with a fixed quote for the entire process.


This is one of the most crucial stages of any play centre development and one that we believe demands the most attention. We will spend as long as it takes reviewing YOUR vision for YOUR play centre, things you've seen that you both love and hate, discuss the ways in which you want your play centre to work and your expectations from the equipment, providing our feedback and development options at every level.


From the in-depth consultation we will then provide you with initial concept ideas, layouts and designs. We encourage your feedback and evaluation throughout as we will also often provide numerous concept solutions for a given area.


Once inital layouts have been approved we will then begin the Play centre design is essence. We provide working updates so that you can review the development of your cente designs.


Your designer will personally present your design to you and explain every element and feature so that you fully understand the design and the reason for its layout. We then encourage open and honest feedback to develop the design further if required.


We believe that if we have followed our process correctly then there should be very little, if any re-designs on a project. It is our role from the outset to fully understand your vision and requirements, then turn them into a safe and manufacturable play system/centre. If we fail in this task then we will continue at our cost until we achieve a design scheme that you are 100% happy with. *with exception of major budget, building or concept alteration.


The production of a complete bill of materials and specification for all of the play equipment. This will be broken down into specific areas so that they can be quoted individually rather than a concept as a whole.


At this point you will have a complete design solution for your play centre. The information can now be tendered out to your chosen play suppliers in order to gain comparative quotes based on YOUR specifcation for play equipment.



By comissioning your own design services in this way, you will not be limited to having all of your equipment supplied by one company. You may find that the main area is supplied by a different one than the toddlers. It allows you to control the supply process and control the related costs.

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